Sean Santry

In Leopard, It's the Little Things

John Gruber got it right. “It’s the little things that stand out most in Leopard.” I’ve not often needed the advanced functionality of third-party screen capture utilities like Ambrosia Software’s SnapzPro, so Mac OS X’s shortcut keys for screen captures (CMD-SHIFT-3 for full screen, CMD-SHIFT-4 for selections and CMD-SHIFT-4 then Space for individual windows) have suited me just fine.

With Leopard, selection-based capturing became even more convenient. The screen coordinates are shown next to the cursor’s crosshairs so you know what position you’re starting the capture from. Then, when you begin dragging to capture a selection the numbers change to reflect the pixel width and height of your selection.

The irony is I probably need to download SnapzPro to get a screenshot of this new feature…